How To Install Whatsapp On Your Device । Como Instalar Whatsapp

how to install whatsapp

how to install whatsapp one of the best communication mediums of today is whatsapp through which people can easily exchange and provide various information from one place to another but many people still don't know much about this whatsapp so this article is written for them

how to install whatsapp to install easily on your device first enter google play store then search whatsapp then start installing and with proper information you can start using whatsapp on your device but we can advise you some more precautions about whatsapp

como instalar whatsapp apart from ipad,iphone or how to install whatsapp on 2 devices with same number, read more carefully to find answers and information to all such questions, then you can install whatsapp on the device of your choice

How To Install Whatsapp On Your Device | How to Install Whatsapp

how to install whatsapp we have mentioned the best tips to install whatsapp on your favorite device more easily here you are going to find the solution related to whatsapp on ipad,whatsapp on iphone and how to install whatsapp on 2 devices with same number come now let's begin

How To Install Whatsapp On iPad | Find out in just 2 minutes

You must have an iPhone to install whatsapp on an ipad device and only then you can use your whatsapp account on the ipad device how to install whatsapp on ipad

1. First, open the Safari browser on your iPad and enter in the search bar

2. Now open WhatsApp on your iPhone

3. Step 3 Tap Settings from Whatsapp

4. Now Tap on Linked Devices option and Tap Link a Device again

5. Use your iPhone mobile to scan the QR code and pair with your iPhone

Now wait a web page will now load all your recent whatsApp data on top of your previous activity then you can safely use whatsapp on your ipad device

how to install whatsapp on 2 devices with same number hope you understand how you can use same whatsapp account by connecting it to your different device but we want to give you a best and awesome warning to use whatsapp

and that is to keep your whatsapp account safe and secure. you might have heard or read about some information through many news that many people reported that their whatsapp account is hacked so you should be careful about that and keep your personal information and data safe

How To Install Whatsapp

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