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WhatsApp Account

Whatsapp scam news: Whatsapp Users Beware WhatsApp Account Hacking And Fraud And Fraud Cycle News Scammers can steal customers' personal information from WhatsApp, so be careful when using WhatsApp and protect your personal information from being scammed.

WhatsApp scams can steal more than just your personal information, financial information and profile information, and can snatch customers' credit and debit card information by creating fake WhatsApp accounts. According to technology news and information, only this much has been known, but it is not yet known when this WhatsApp scam first started.

Scam whatsapp account

WhatsApp scam accounts look almost identical, meaning you can say in simple language, some phishing pages created by hackers, whatsapp account information is fraudulent, first the customer's WhatsApp support account is created then specific profile photo and verification badge is added.Customers can ask for 6 number verification otp pin code to steal personal information from whatsapp. Whatsapp scams can be considered as news at the moment. 

Learn how to avoid whatsapp scams now

Ways to avoid whatsapp scams

To keep your personal information safe from whatsapp scams, all whatsapp users are advised to "never give out any personal information to anyone to avoid scams so that the official whatsapp will never ask for your personal information.

Remember: The way to avoid whatsapp fraud and know the following: WhatsApp support profile verification badge is only next to the name of the profile is never in the picture.

You can understand that someone has sent scam messages to create a report for all those links or message messages. 

whatsapp will never ask you for verification otp code and will not send you any scam messages.

Special Note: Do not pay attention to scam whatsapp messages. Try to keep your personal information safe without getting whatsapp business account scams and always fight to avoid whatsapp code scams.If at any time someone lures you for money and wants to know whatsapp account verification code from you, avoid him Be aware to have whatsapp scam

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