Social Abuse | Always Refrain Yourself From Abusing Social Media

social abuse

Social abuse refrain from abusing social media use social media in a good way and stop abuse by social media like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram etc stop the circulation of misleading, harassing, wrong information, content etc while using it

help present correct information to common people use social media for your development the importance of social media in human society is indispensable - so this social medium should not create any new abuse

Social abuse is a punishable offense by law so to protect yourself from social media abuse remember not to encourage any post without reading it properly if you do then think you are involved in social abuse

Social Abuse | Always Refrain Yourself From Abusing Social Media

You may have been using social media for a long time but if you are new to this article then definitely read it till the end because there are some facts about social abuse that you need to know, however we want you to never do not do social abuse

let's dive into some important facts about social abuse and social media abuse laws at this stage and uncover some new facts

Social Media Abuse | Laws of Social Media

Did you know that you can be punished for misusing social media? every country has a specific law on information and technology like Bangladesh (Digital Security Act) other countries may have different laws which are in agreement with your country

Failure to do so can make your future dark - could result in the loss of millions of money as well as 5 to 14 years in prison so correct yourself on misuse of information and technology

Social Abuse | How To Prevent Yourself From Social Media Abuse

We know that you have at least one social media account which you use regularly for good work but are you sure that you are not doing social abuse along with good work?

Let's read the top 10 titles about what actions can be claimed as social media abuse

1. Refrain from bad posting, commenting, sharing, voting
2. Refrain from any militant or extremist posts.
3. Judge for yourself how good and bad the post can be for society
4. Do not use social media for bad deeds
5. Don't encourage a friend to do bad things on social media
6. Don't mislead people by using additional social media accounts or by creating (impersonated) accounts using other people's photos and information to identify yourself with different names
7. Never use the financial loan-by-account fake method
8. Do not deceive people in the name of financial assistance by posting pictures, videos, etc. of a sick person on social media
9. Do not publish false information and send obscene photos, videos, messages to the general public for business purposes
10. Do not make death threats to anyone through social media

These tips are very effective in preventing social media abuse and there are many more tips that can help you prevent social media abuse.

Social Abuse | Advice To Avoid Social Media Abuse

From techbnnews we advise you to help build a well-ordered society and avoid misuse of social media, help the neglected people of the society, and say no to bad activities and also let your next generation learn some good things from you. reveal

You may have found a lot of information about Social Abuse but we encourage you to learn more about social media abuse and the laws of your country that will make your way in this world of information technology easier

Social abuse

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