Napoleon Bonaparte Educational Sayings And Quotes 2023

napoleon bonaparte educational sayings

We have carefully curated all the educational and valuable quotes from napoleon bonaparte for you. napoleon bonaparte quotes are mixed with people's real life and are embedded in the pages of history, so people gave napoleon bonaparte a lot of popularity for his logical sayings

Educational quote from Napoleon Bonaparte: The word impossible can only be found in a fool's dictionary

Napoleon Bonaparte Educational Sayings And Quotes 2023

Correct reasoning: napoleon bonaparte in his history notes that the word impossible is found only in the dictionary of fools because fools are afraid at the beginning of something and express the word impossible with their mouths and wise people express the impossible as possible in order to penetrate deeper because

clever people are new to new things. Shows more interest in knowing and learning.

Advice: do not utter the word impossible at the beginning of any action because the word impossible will create fear in your mind and push you away from the work so try to give more courage to your mind instead of uttering the word impossible like a fool first think from your heart, question your mind - cont. 

look at the working people and think - how they are doing it possible and if it is possible by everyone why not by you

Napoleon Bonaparte

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