Beauty May Only Attract Attention But Personality Touches Hearts


Yes it is true that beauty can only attract people's attention but personality can touch people's heart can you say what is the main beauty of people?

Personality is something that is not found in everyone and those who do not have personality are called pashans. personality can identify lineage here personality means human conscience - that which is not seen but can be understood through use We have noticed that according to major experts personality identity is very less found among stupid and uneducated people.

They cannot associate with the right people in the right place, cannot show good behavior to others, take ideas easily, treat people with unnecessary cruelty and change their thoughts easily and an educated person shows good intelligence in everything from moving in society. keeps trying

The beauty of a person's face is not the real beauty. If you think for a moment that a beautiful person's personality can be beautiful, then we say your idea is completely wrong because an ugly person's personality can be much better than a beautiful person and can touch your response so with people. it is never possible to say this without understanding his behavior and manners

Beauty May Only Attract Attention

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