Why Is it Difficult To Understand The Words Of A Wise Person

wise man

It is difficult to understand the words of a wise person because a wise person thinks a hundred times before uttering a word - just thinking whether what i am saying is right or wrong

When A Wise Person Gives Advice To Someone

He gives advice by thinking and understanding it not in one direction, but in view of the advice he receives, he thinks only in one direction, so it becomes difficult for him to understand the language of a wise person.

advice: don't interrupt when someone wants to help you with knowledge - if you sense that someone is giving you good knowledge that can benefit you, give them some time to cool off and absorb their wisdom

On top of that, if you realize that he is giving you bad advice, pay attention to him more quietly and judge with your own mind

If you think that someone is really giving you bad advice, make up the opposite of what he said in your mind, which no one needs to say, and thank the advice giver

Remember: Everything has both good and bad, so in real life you have to make the decision to be good - fight with your conscience every moment

Wise man

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