Give Me An Educated Mother - I Will Gift An Educated Nation

napoleon bonaparte best quotes

Give me an educated mother and I will give you an educated nation said: napoleon bonaparte. nowadays this saying has gained prominence as an educational saying all over the world. napoleon bonaparte is a french military commander and he was born on: 15th august 1769

This revelation napoleon bonaparte reveals something in the pages of his life history that is truly memorable to all.if you can create an educated mother, it is possible to give the gift of an educated nation in every house

Give Me An Educated Mother - I Will Gift An Educated Nation

What to do: take your own higher education, force children and children to take education and encourage others to take education then every day new educated mothers will be created in the society and next generation will always get the gift of educated nation

You can spread the influence of enlightenment in the life of society and nation by remembering this quote of napoleon bonaparte

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