SpaceX Crew Returned To Mission 6 What Is NASA's Current Target?

What is NASA's current target?

On September 11, NASA astronaut Frank Rubio completed his 355th day on the International Space Station, surpassing the record for a single space flight by a US astronaut previously held by NASA's Marc Vande Hei

According to agency leadership, they made a call to Frank Rubio on the International Space Station and congratulated him from NASA and said, "Frank, you've set all kinds of records

The agency also said: When Frank Rubio returns home on September 27, 2023, he will complete 371 days on the International Space Station

Also on September 12, several crew members, including NASA astronauts Steve Bowen and Woody Hoberg, spoke about more missions during a news conference at Johnson Space Center

Among the flight highlights on this mission was Bowen's US record tying 10th career spacewalk while on our target—an asteroid sample return mission

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