OSIRIS-REX Mission To Collect Samples From Asteroids

OSIRIS-REX, a US mission to collect samples from the asteroid, is operating for the first time, and the mission is saving a lot of good material samples

OSIRIS-REX is a special mission to collect samples from asteroids and the main objective of this mission is to obtain a sample of at least 60 grams from 01955 Bennu and return the sample to Earth for analysis. Let's describe the matter

This week NASA's SpaceX Crew mission 6 returned home and the next target is the OSIRIS-REX spacecraft from asteroid Bennu towards the recently designated Avatar region in the desert

It is adjusting a course to better position itself to release a capsule carrying the material, although the capsule is scheduled for a parachute-assisted landing on September 24

And OSIRIS-REX is the first US mission to collect samples from asteroids

Meanwhile, 2023 was the planet's warmest summer since global records began in 1880, with June through August a combined 0.41 degrees Fahrenheit warmer, according to the Goddard Institute of Space Studies

But this new record comes as radiant heat has fueled deadly wildfires across much of the world, fueling top waves and possibly contributing to severe weather

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